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There’s a question I thought about a lot as a juggler throughout the
years and I probably guess so did you.. The question is:

“Why is it that some jugglers are improving
immensely faster vs. the majority?”

What’s so different in their approaches?
Is there any difference or it is just talent that decides how
fast people progress..
,but most importantly how could we use it
for our own advantage to progress even faster. In this ebook I can finally share with you not only my journey,but the actual solution I’ve discovered in the last 12 years….




After years of hanging around practice places with other jugglers – some of them actually the best in the world – and observing the different kinds of ways each of them practiced to get better.. I had a lot to look back on. I’ve seen progress happen immensely fast,but I can also sincerely say that I’ve seen a lot of jugglers struggling with their progress.

Struggling on a level that actually no matter how hard they tried they didn’t seem to become significantly better and their skill has even stopped after a certain range where they could never really get past it..Or better to say, they sometimes needed years to get the progress they hoped for and dreamed of to achieve in months.

..At the same time, right next to them maybe a kid, half as old as them, achieved the same results they dreamed of in just a couple of months or even weeks.. After seeing this stuff over and over again one day I became curious… and when I say curious I mean more fanatic about it..

I wanted to figure out if these struggles have a common element. I wanted to know what others are struggling with, what the things are they have the most frustrations and challenges with and if it really happens to everyone and everywhere during their progress. Do the exceptionally good jugglers follow the same path as the jugglers that struggle with their practice?

Or are they approaching it in a very different way that enables them to have an entirely different experience that leads to faster progress? And I did found some of the answers to my..


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In 2010 I started to survey several jugglers. Starting with my friends and jugglers I knew, I got more and more involved in it..
I even went on the web and started an online survey that would enable me to get an accurate view on 7 questions,which were:

  • 1. What’s your biggest challenge or frustration that regularly comes up in juggling?
  • 2. What strategies or ways have you tried that haven’t worked for you?
  • 3. What mistakes do you see other jugglers repeating in their practice that you have overcome?
  • 4. What’s your biggest difficulty when it comes to learning a new trick?
  • 5. What makes you dissatisfied in juggling? Where and what situation is it where you feel you can’t get the job done?
  • 6. What would your perfect day in practice look like for you? A day where you would feel completely satisfied with your results,but more importantly do you feel that you started too late to juggle in order to reach that ideal?
  • 7. If you could have one or more questions answered about your challenges in juggling what would your questions be?

I want to take now the opportunity to thank all of you who participated in the survey.. 

Because throughout the time more than 300 jugglers answered the questions giving me very specific and detailed answers about their frustrations, experiences and problems they are facing throughout practicing each day..And you are all the reason why I actually decided to create and write the Book itself..


Also that’s why I would really like to connect with you on a personal level and invite you to just see for yourself what this book and the practice system it provides is really all about.. It wouldn’t have been possible without most of you.. So in order to do this I’ve created a FREE 54 page eBook called »The Juggler’s “Guide”«

This is where I will share with you not only the results of the survey that I think will reveal a fact that nobody seemed to really address until this very day..But I would also like to send you some of my very best strategies of practicing in 3 FREE training videos + PDF’s through my email list.

These are going to be sample chapters from my complete ebook,but everything you will need to know will be in the Juggler’s Guide PDF. This free ebook will serve as an introduction and get you really up to speed for the advanced training that will follow it.

So here’s »How To Get his..just Sign Up To My Email List! By entering your name and email you will tell me where to send the Video’s and PDF’s. Don’t worry I definitely won’t spam you, but instead I will send you the practice strategy training video’s covering a lot of content..

So that’s about it!

If you would like to get introduced to my content and are the first time visiting thanks for taking the time reading all of this and I’m really looking forward to see you on the training! However if you’ve gone already through the training and would like to get MORE of it here’s the actual book itself and I wish you the best with it!

I See you on the other side! Take care! Laido



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