Sounds Like A Stretch? Well.. Here’s Why It’s Not


What if you could create a working practice routine that you can rely on working for you EVERY TIME. KNOWING THAT YOU DO THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY of practicing for the current moment to achieve your goals in juggling.. A system giving you the best possible results THAT YOU’RE FULLY CAPABLE TO ACHIEVE at the moment.. Consistently regardless if you have a “BAD DAY” or not. A method that can ensure your progress and motivation even if you have a bad day, making sure you get the most potential of yourself. Sounds like a stretch? Here’s why It’s not..

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Have you ever asked yourself.. Why does progress seem to happen fast and almost easily if it’s
 by others, but slowly and hard if it’s by you...? If this question ever came up in your mind, I have a wild guess that some others came up as well.. The first one was probably: ”Am I talented enough..?”


Should I just be satisfied with what I can achieve?

Are there any proper techniques or a way to progress and achieve tricks fast or everybody has their own way of mastering a trick and there’s nothing you can really change to make a real difference except maybe practicing harder...?

But what if the problem is that simply doubling my efforts does not seem to work most of the time..

Is there a key to effective progress? And if yes...what is it?

Well that’s a core question,but it's only one of many layers that we might lack clarity upon..


Have you ever hammered your head against the wall trying to make a trick consistent..? Practicing it over and over again even maybe for months spending hours only on the trick that you want to get consistent..but it never really gets consistent. Asking yourself what am I doing wrong..?

Is it a must to rehearse boring routines that you already did a million times over and over again to get a trick finally consistent..and even if you still doesn’t want to work out even after months of practicing the same trick. Asking yourself am I missing something?

What are the best ways to practice for consistency? What makes a 
trick consistent? Should I practice one trick for a longer time...or many tricks for a shorter time...what will get me further? How long does a practice session even have to be? How should I warm up or choose a trick that is right for me?

And when we are speaking about consistent should someone be with his practice?

Have you ever taken a break from juggling and think about how much rest does good to you or how much of it screws you up...

Is it a good idea at all to have rests?

There are times when we take a break from juggling for a couple of days (that is of course inevitable)..and when we come back,
 everything is a lot better... 
But there are times when everything is much worse..

Sometimes taking two weeks to get back on track from where you left off. Were you ever wondering how to control that?

When that happens..and we do need to get back on track, motivation is the key.
 Getting frustrated and off the track can happen easily so..


Well that’s a core question,but it's only one of many layers that we might lack clarity upon.. How can you motivate yourself and keep up your focus so that you are 
as full of energy and in the best possible state for achieving a trick as possible...

When I am trying hard and nothing seems to work..
How do I manage my anger so that it doesn’t take away my motivation and burn all of my focus..

What ways are there to increase other similar factors that may effect my juggling that are not juggling themselves...


Have you ever forgotten any tricks that you planned to do?

Usually it’s impossible to practice all of the tricks...even if you would have the time to practice 24/ 
what is the best way to prioritize my tricks and plan my practice to get the maximum effect?

How long do I need to practice and which tricks should get priority?
If I want to learn a new trick where should I even put it in the practice session? ..Especially if I don’t even have enough time for my own tricks.

When is the time for learning a new trick?

Now let me ask you: Have you ever had any of these challenges? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions without having any sensible answers to them...?

There might be a lot of other questions that might arise in you, but if you answered yes to any of these: First of all, you should know that you are NOT ALONE at all.

..The reason why I know that so well is that these questions and challenges were created coming from my personal experiences... that I needed to deal with throughout the years.

But, the reason why I absolutely know that we are all in this together is that these were all the common factors that came up as answers in my

7-question-survey over and over AGAIN.

These are the frustrations in practice that seem as the most personal yet what we all share and have in common with each other...
But even though we all experience it, these are the things that we lack mostly clarity upon because nobody talks about it even if it causes us not to succeed in the first place.


Since youtube appeared, the juggling world just got enormously improved.. Since youtube exists more progress came along in the juggling world then ever before and I think we really can thank this in part to the freedom of video sharing that youtube provided us.

Since it appeared for the first time jugglers got their horizon widened like never before and we might see what’s really possible to achieve. We see more and we try more. Getting to see how our limits can always be pushed further and further made enormous positive progress to the juggling world.

But like with everything there, there’s also a dark side to it.
 Since we see what might be possible and it’s so easy to share the results that everybody has, juggling became a lot more than simply a hobby. It became a competitive sport.

And that is actually a good thing because the spirit of healthy competition motivates and drives us and is even fun. But what also happened since juggling became a competitive sport is that we started to compare ourselves with the limits that we see are possible to reach.. and we tend to fall short to it.

Seeing kids half as old as we are getting results that are way beyond what we would ever think possible to get for ourselves. It makes us question our potential.. and ask ourselves if this is
really our best.

And somehow we also feel..that we could do better if we would just figure out how.

Have you ever had that gut level of feeling..that you could
 achieve twice as more as you are now if you could just figure it out someway?

I believe deep down you know you could achieve a lot more.

I think all of us have that feeling intuitively for a reason.. And that’s the reason we get angry in our practice in the first place.

Seeing someone else succeed maybe in less than half of the time that we need, maybe the half of the age as we are... It’s not anger and discouragement because of jealousy it’s discouragement because we know that there must be something that we could do to get better at progressing if we could just understand what it is and grasp it..

And that’s the reason why I wrote this book in the first place. 
I really get that feeling because I was once someone who couldn’t progress even if his life would depend on it, but still felt that there must be something that could help...


I can remember a time in my life when I didn’t know what to do and when it was more than important for me to get the best of myself no matter matter what it takes. It might sound weird but it had transcendent altering meaning to my life if I could handle this part or not, if I can get successful or not.

If I wanted to make anything out of my future I was literally forced to find out the answers how to progress faster and how to make it all work for myself and eventually kind of crack the code and discover the solution to the obstacles I faced.

And what I want to share with you throughout this book is exactly that...
That if you feel you can’t progress to your highest aspired level I believe that what I’m about to share with you can be enormously helpful to you as much as it was for me.

I believe our paths have met probably because you believe you can achieve a lot more and you still keep watching because you are searching for new ways to reach your highest potential.

But After Such A Statement Before I Even Begin..

..Let me tell you it was kind of intimidating to me to make the decision to write this book.

The reason it was intimidating for me is certainly not of hesitation in discussing how to get faster progress and put myself out there to the open fire..

But I think that this statement could possibly be interpreted as coming from a place of arrogance or whatever and that's certainly not what I want to accomplish and that’s not where I’m coming from.

I might be light years from being THE BEST and I know exactly where I am at..there are no illusions coming from me about it, but what I know is that despite it.. I found a way to ensure my progress constantly and I was able to help others to do that as well.

The reason why I didn’t call this book “How to become the best juggler in the world” is because I have no idea about that..
I am not the best, I am not a “natural”, I am light years far from it, but the reason why this book is called Fast Juggling Success is because I think I became significantly good compared to many years being really bad and I mean really really bad.

Especially since all that difference and change in my progress came by implying simple rules that I discovered and applied to myself that made me progress in a fast way that isn’t usual.

I was bad at it all my life, without showing any significant sign of “talent” or improvement even after years of already practicing, so what I would like to say with that is..


I am not ”unique” or in anyway special and that’s exactly the point why I started this project...because I believe if it could even work for me what I’m about to teach you I believe must work for you as well.

The reason why I started this project is that I want to prove to you that having fast progress in juggling is not only achievable for you, but is significantly easier than you might think and what you've believed probably since now..

You just need to know exactly the steps you need to take.
 As a matter of fact I want to prove to you that if you are juggling for years and you are dissatisfied with the progress you got till now...

Despite what you reached so far, it doesn’t mean anything concerning what you could reach in the future.

Nobody thought it possible based on my past that I would even come near to doing 11 rings and 7 clubs.

But hearing all of this you might be asking, how come that I’m the first person to come up with the answers?

Who am I to do it? Why didn’t one of the legendary jugglers came who were much more experienced and successful in juggling and tell you all about it.. Why does nobody else come to tell you?

So I want to share with you in a moment not only my story, but how I discovered what was the actual solution to my problem and enabled me to come from getting literally no real value or results of my practice to making my progress consistent and even predictable..


Let me show you the logo of Fast Juggling Success.. I've put a lot of energy, time and effort into making it and figure out what it should be. I wanted it to reflect the unique identity of this training program.

The reason why I made it that way is because I wanted to get the main point through.. If you look at the picture and what’s written there, you probably guess that Fast Juggling Success must have something to do with what’s going on inside of our mind. What’s inside our mind has to do with the strategies we have and the choices we make.

It addresses what you think, feel and the actions that you choose to take. And this logo is the way it is, because it addresses the other side of practicing that has never been shown till now. I believe the biggest leverage that we could get and gives us the highest return in results comes from the way we think about how progress in practice works, because how we think about progress, determines how we act upon it.

You practice a certain way because you think it’s probably the best way and the way it should be done.. whether consciously or unconsciously.

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Now some people have better systems some have bad systems, but everybody has a certain belief and image of what will make him in the end progress in practice faster and that’s what I call our minds Practice Blueprint.

Over the past 12 years I’ve spend countless of hours searching for the fastest way possible to progress and searching for the “right” Blueprint. After doing this type of thing for almost 12 years straight, I’ve gotten pretty good at fast results and made some amazing discovery’s on the way that is consistently growing my skill ever since.

Today I’m finally at the point where I’m able to use every minute of my practice consciously knowing what to do and when to do it.

I’m not confused anymore about what works and how I should go about things. I know my strengths and how to make them even stronger..and I also know my weaknesses so I don’t waste any energy and time on something that would at best make me average at it.

That’s what I want for you as well, because I know from experience that all that struggle and frustration is avoidable and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Practicing diligently is very important, but it’s only one side of the coin. What I want to accomplish with this book is that you will exactly know what your Blueprint in practicing is that you are using and where you should go about making changes to it and making it better for yourself.

…as I’ve found – no matter what you’re current skill is or how you practiced so far, there’s pretty much a “universal formula” that can turn any skill into it’s highest potential. The more you can tune your blueprint towards this "universal formula" the more successful you will become. It should affect the choices you make and the strategies you use..

I’ve really taken the time to challenge myself how to give you a simple refined version of the things I discovered with nothing left out. 
So you don’t have to go through the years of feeling around with a stick in the dark..

The things that you will learn here are gonna be simple rules and processes that you probably never even thought of..
 Simple shift of actions that will sound very obvious when you hear them, but those will be the hideous things.

The story below is the short version about how I discovered actually the formula that works.. and why I'm willing literally to bet with you (with your interest in mind) that it will work for you as well as long as you actually stick to it. If you would like to get the complete version of the story where I go into a lot more detail about not only the solution,but also about what I had to go through in order to get it I've distilled everything into a separate ebook for free!

Just put in your email address and tell me where to send it and you will get access to it immediately. If you just want a short recap version just continue reading and you will know everything that you "must" know in order to get the full picture. I did try to give you a refined version about everything you need to know. Enjoy!


After entering your email address,check your mail for the download:)


I’'ll be the first to tell you that I’'m not one of those “instant success stories you might read about in magazines or whatever. Actually it's quite the opposite. As I grew up I never really seemed to show any signs of talent in any of the circus genre’s even though both of my parents were acrobats and circus was rooted into the family since generations.

It's really not like I wasn't even trying.. As I grew up I did spend enormous amounts of time to find out what I would be talented at and so were my parents. I was trying out all kinds of stuff, from all kinds of acrobatics to juggling of course as well,but no matter how I tried or they tried my results were at best below mediocre..and it's not an understatement.

Actually the only thing I seemed to have ANY talent at was outside of circus and that was drawing.. Yeah..drawing. Loved Dragonball as you can see.. : D However from the age of  6 I could draw all day long and many people ensured and even encouraged me that maybe this is the path I should take in life. The problem was, I never felt inspired to make my living out of it.. doing it as something that I must do, I did no’t really liked the idea.

In my childhood luckily I was surrounded by talented people all my life. Surrounded by people who seemed as.. they were born to do what they did. I'm talking about all kinds of talents from acrobatics, high wire to illusionists..yet although I had many encounters with jugglers.. Now I know that I never really met actually a really good one.

I never really knew as I was growing up which of all the genre's I would love the most,but not knowing what I wanted to become changed at the time when I saw the best juggler that I had ever seen till then in my life..

It took 17 years till I saw what was possible with juggling and it was the first time I ever seen 7 clubs and 7 rings and once I did I was hooked for life.. and in an instant made the decision to give it my best try this time and be really committed to becoming a juggler..

From that day on I was using each and every minute I could to practice!

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Now this is the very short version of my story and it actually goes a lot deeper than that, but fact is 8 Hours 5 times a week ads up to 40 hours that I practiced.

I literally practiced my brains out and although I progressed.. I wasn'’t significantly getting better. After a while even my parents wanted to see if I got any better.. and despite all my practicing for an entire year, I could not show them 1 trick that was working smoothly and consistently without a drop.

I managed to drop every trick I practiced and it was the first time I ever shown something to something similar to an “"audience"”. It was one of the most embarrassing and angriest days I ever experienced..

For my parents as well since it was kind of an obvious belief that if you didn'’t developed anything since the age of 17, it’s pretty much over and you have no chance to achieve anything significant after that. I was very aware that if things keep on the way as they are.. I will have no chance to survive in the performance world.. not even mentioning the "juggling" world.

I thought about giving it all up...but what would I do afterwards? There was not much. Going back to drawing wasn't really considered as a good option so after thinking about deeply I decided that I needed to make it work. I started to practice 9-10 hours a day.. At times I even got up to 12 hours. Looking back It was passion combined with fear that made me do these insane hours..

But it wasn't all just mindless practicing..What I actually also decided to do was maybe the smartest idea I ever had till that time. I remember that besides practicing like crazy, I managed to read sometimes three 200-page-long books a week..I actually heard a lot about sport psychology back then so I decided to read everything I could lay my hands on.. Everything about sport psychology, success and achievement...

Yet, there was not really much that I could apply specifically on juggling and there was no real strategy that I could actually grab for my practice.

The first thing I came across and I learned from various books was the idea of interviewing. After I got the idea first from one of Napoleon Hill’s books who interviewed the most successful people in the world and became successful himself because of it “I decided to give it a try myself.

So I interviewed the best jugglers I came across with a bunch of questions and..became really fanatic about finding them and interviewing them.

I could tell you all kinds of awkward story's about how all of it went down and I guess it was kind of weird to have a kid interview you with a bunch of questions,but whenever I came across a juggler who was lightyears waaay better than me I just bluntly interviewed him one after the other, experimenting with it as I learned from the books,but...

In my case the idea of interviewing didn'’t work at all.

And I think if you ever interviewed Naturals, meaning the best of the bests as well, this is something that you and I had the same experience and frustration with.

If you ever tried to ask a Naturally "gifted" and "talented" person - and when I say "Natural" I mean the people who are at the top of their game - and I probably asked every single good juggler I ever met....

Questions like.. “How can I become as great as you?

What are the specific things that I should be looking for and be aware of in practice?
Is there anything you do differently that makes you more successful?
What are the mistakes that jugglers usually make..?
What is the process and the action to progress ?
What is the right structure of practicing...?”

And when the time comes to answering, you will realize they really can’t tell you.. It'’s like they don'’t know what they are doing and when you ask them for their advice, it often comes off as a bad graduation speech where it’s like:

"“Well, You Have To Love What You Do..
And Work Hard..”"

After asking each of them, I understood that they really seem to be unable to tell me...most of them are simply surprised that I need to ask something like that.

..At the beginning I thought they just refuse and don’'t want to tell me the "secrets".

But after the 10th and the 20th time repeatedly listening to the same kind of answers each time I asked a professional, it became clear. The answers were so similar of not knowing what to answer to me that there’s no chance they were all just making it up.

I understood that they literally couldn'’t tell me even if they really wanted to.

All the answers I got were very similar and unclear.
Because how do you love what you do?
How should I work hard on it..?

It’s really non-specific and intensible, it could mean a thousand things and thousand ways. It really got to me and I became discouraged once again whether I can even make it.. I came to the point where I started to think to myself that I might be wasting all my time to get good at something I’'m not supposed to be talented at, while the thing I'’m actually talented at goes to waste.

Drawing was still my second option after all that I really enjoyed, though I never really felt it was my dream job for a living. However something important was about to happen and now “accidentally” or maybe as I look back more by destiny, I came across a learning to draw class.


I saw an advertisement for it as I was traveling on my way to practice. It was a class you might know as:

Learn to Draw: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

..I was curious about what techniques are there and how they would teach drawing, so I thought I would spend at least a little bit of my time to give it a try out of curiosity..

The class started and as I was going through it curiously, as they began to teach us... I was quite surprised for a couple of reasons. What I realized while they were teaching us was that the principles they taught in drawing..were most of the time exactly how I was going about it intuitively...

But how can that be if I had never been taught to draw before? I thought everybody would naturally assume to do it the way I would go about drawing, but they didn'’t... These basic principles that in fact never even came to my mind were new to everybody, apart from me. But I was applying them without ever being taught.

I had never assumed that others would come up to do it in another way...the bad for me it was such a basic thing that I had never thought someone would need to learn it.

I was really puzzled by coming to this class. As I was going over the exercises, the person who taught the class was looking around. And as she looked at me, she said: “Wow! Have you ever drawn before?”

I said:“Well, yes, I have been drawing since I was 6.” Then she asked whether I was learning to draw from someone and I replied: “No, I just like drawing a lot and I spend a lot of time doing it.” Then the teacher thought for a moment and said something interesting..She said:

"“Probably you might be a natural. A naturally talented person..”"

”Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”
—Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize–winning physiologist


As she said that, she smiled..and went to observe my other classmates. I stopped in my mind for a second..and I remembered.. Many times from early on, since I was a kid to the present day, whenever others would ask me how I draw and how I am able to do what I'm good at....I remembered....I was telling them..

"“You just simply need to love what you do....and work hard."”

And as I got that sparkle in my mind..
I understood...that I was a drawing.
I never remembered that I was giving exactly the same lame advice for drawing that all the other jugglers were giving me for juggling!

I could explain the movements where to start but I could never tell them actually the structure that’s behind it.

For me, whenever I was asked about drawing, I thought that was all the explanation they need...because I didn'’t know the principles behind it or what the exact steps or actions were..

I could simply do them and wouldn't be able to give them any better advice even if I wanted to..

As I was a natural at drawing..I was definitely an amateur at juggling.. Yet I was convinced that the same way I found out there were things I did in drawing that I didn’t recognize doing, there must be things that naturals in juggling do that they don’t seem to recognize..but what each of them DOES!

..and if it was possible to figure out what the right principles are in drawing and teach them to others...

I hoped it would be possible to learn the same way in juggling once I figure out what those right principles are! So I went back to juggling once again but this time I stopped asking the naturals I met..but rather I started to observe them..

Trying to search for the details and commonalities.. From now on, my goal was not to interview them, not to ask them..but simply to watch them and observe them.


Whenever I had the chance to practice with a real pro, I took the opportunity and looked for what they do differently then me. That was the only time I really stopped everything I did and just watched what they were doing as precisely as I did when I was drawing. I took notes...Literally..thousands of pages.

Finding those things...that were very different in how I would do things and how I would see others who were equally not as successful doing it. I took notes not only about naturals but also about the non-naturals and how they were going about their way of practicing. What they started with, finished with, which kind of tricks they chose.. everything I could think of.

As I was observing naturals, I watched for things they did differently from the non-naturals like you and me..and as I was doing that, I started to understand how the little seemingly subtle differences they make in practice can have enormous impact on our progress.

It's not simply by chance that they got better at what they do.

They did specific steps that even they were unaware of,but if the talent and skill can be captured and decoded into specific steps then the skill is also transferrable.

By modeling I could identify a wide variety of things that include mindsets, strategies and attitudes.

I could identify the little subtle things they were doing that the majority of jugglers never did or did in an opposite way, because they didn’'t seemed important or were even unnoticed.. And through comparing the differences that I found..

I could establish a SET OF RULES AND WAYS for myself and for my practice from those things.

I found that there are exact points that if you turn your focus towards and really take them to the next level, that's where you can get the most leverage, the most of your practice in the fastest way, because these are the points that decide whether you progress fast or progress slowly.

As I started to practice the way I perceived naturals were practicing, my results finally started to become consistently faster and after a time even predictable.

I was  able to predict how my progress would work out in the long run and that was something I never experienced before. Actually the more I applied the rules the more successful I became.. and the more I managed to make it a habit.

Once I got to the point when it became natural to me, I understood how naturals were wired differently and how what all of the naturals did had a certain pattern to it.


The interesting thing is when you give back a Natural these rules and techniques, they all get surprised and say “yeah, I’m actually doing these things but I was never thinking about them so clearly or recognizing the patterns of it”.

Now the reason why you might not see all the naturals use all of the strategies that we are gonna discuss and talk about here is simply because they are not even conscious of using them and each might develop one of the successful habits naturally while not developing another one..

You might recognize that you are already applying some of these rules the right way while leaving others out. You might figure out you do it in an entirely different way and your job is going to be to test it all out for yourself. Some of the jugglers have more of these traits installed, some of them have less, but like naturals, they don’t even know about it. The important thing is that the more they have from these elements, the more successful they are.

Coming from being someone who was doing things utterly wrong, I came to see that they weren’t doing things which were characteristic of them individually. Naturals were doing things that had the same features.

The same way as there was a pattern of common behavior among non-naturals! So it turned out that there is a distinct division between the naturals and the non-natural behavior...And the degree of how successful you are in juggling depends on how much you do what naturals do or how much you do what non-naturals do..

It literally distinguishes successful from unsuccessful.

And if you can learn the differences and do more from one and less from the other, your progress can multiply to heights you couldn’t think of yourself before.
By watching naturals, I could establish a set of rules for myself. 
..And I knew that if I follow them, it will keep me in a field..where I’m literally FORCED TO SUCCEED..

Where I get the most potential of myself.

But the very first thing that I needed to do is to change how I believed practice worked and be willing to change it to actually what worked..and there was a big gap in my mind between the two. However..
It was an entirely new solution for myself that I didn’t find
anywhere else..and I wanted to go deeper into it.

As I started to progress significantly faster..people around me did notice it a lot. Once my results became consistent and I started to improve..Everything changed around me..

There was also something else that happened.
 Do you remember the feeling that you could do a lot more..if you just knew how to do it...?
 I exactly knew how I did that..and it made me finally content with myself..

Coming from being someone who was doing things utterly wrong, I came to see that they weren’t doing things which were characteristic of them individually. Naturals were doing things that had the same features.

The same way as there was a pattern of common behavior among non-naturals! So it turned out that there is a distinct division between the naturals and the non-natural behavior...And the degree of how successful you are in juggling depends on how much you do what naturals do or how much you do what non-naturals do..

It literally distinguishes successful from unsuccessful.

And if you can learn the differences and do more from one and less from the other, your progress can multiply to heights you couldn’t think of yourself before.
By watching naturals, I could establish a set of rules for myself. 
..And I knew that if I follow them, it will keep me in a field..where I’m literally FORCED TO SUCCEED..

Where I get the most potential of myself.

But the very first thing that I needed to do is to change how I believed practice worked and be willing to change it to actually what worked..and there was a big gap in my mind between the two. However..
It was an entirely new solution for myself that I didn’t find
anywhere else..and I wanted to go deeper into it.

As I started to progress significantly faster..people around me did notice it a lot. Once my results became consistent and I started to improve..Everything changed around me..

There was also something else that happened.
 Do you remember the feeling that you could do a lot more..if you just knew how to do it...?
     I exactly knew how I did that..and it made me finally content with myself..



Juggling is based on friendly competition and it’s not as common to help each other out..

I personally think it’s a sad thing, because we could all win a lot if we shared our knowledge but the fun of the competition lies in getting to know who can figure it out alone better, faster.

Juggling is something you do alone and then you compare what you could achieve alone with the achievements of others like in all sports. I love competition, I always did.

But I started to think what it would be like if everybody had the same chances. What if everybody had the same basic knowledge that can enable someone to really compete and have a chance..a non-natural like you and me against a natural. We could really use some help especially since I discovered that what we need the biggest help and especially what I needed the biggest help with, the really good ones, the naturals usually couldn’t answer us..

I thought how cool it would have been if someone else had been able to help me..and give me the insider knowledge and the answers upfront instead of struggling my way up. How cool it would have been if the answer hadn’t been:
“You just need to work hard and love what you do” but giving me a precise action step and a plan that would put me to the right direction from the beginning..that would have saved me so much time and effort from wasting.. So, I made the decision to help.

I didn’t know yet how I would do it..what it would look like...if it should be a book or a video program a dvd or a workshop. Most of all, I wasn’t sure if what I had was any value even to others. I knew it worked for me, but I wasn’t sure if everybody else would have the same challenges as I did or if it was only my special case that applied on me only individually. So I decided to make a survey regarding the 7 questions to find out what the biggest challenges and frustrations coming up for jugglers are universally.

This is the reason why I started my survey and this is how I wanted to find out if what I want to give you is of any value to you.

First, I asked friends and jugglers I knew. I wanted to be very objective in deciding whether I should begin this project or not.. 
Is it something that would really help and make it worth the effort or is it something only I thought should be created? 
Because once I started it, I would finish it.

I remember when I got my first answers on my survey - thanks to you guys..and as I was reading the answers..about the frustrations and challenges you all go through. I just instantly knew..I will need to do it.

From that moment on I knew I had something that wasn’t addressed till now, though if you think about was obvious. So, my question to myself was how to condense 10 years of experience into its purest form?


First of all, I took all the methods..
Notes that I had written, selecting from thousands of pages I still had literally hundreds of pages about the ways Naturals and Non-Naturals practice.
The things that after many years of trying and failing of reading and learning from sport psychology, implementing and testing over and over I finally figured out.. Everything that I learnt to apply on juggling I collected one by one. Everything that I had been testing and combining to make them to a refined system.

Not only the things that are different about Non-Naturals and Naturals but the differences that make the difference in progress.
After I took the methods and refined them to a system, I tested them secretly with others until they've gotten the results they wanted.
After 5 years of hard work, for hours each day..I finally finished this system.

Now you must understand that I don’t believe that my solution is a magic bullet of all time, that it will absolutely work by itself for everybody every time you apply it.

It’s a strategy.

A strategy that took me a couple of years and countless hours to put together and what I tested and shared with many jugglers whose results became consistent as well.

If it worked for me, I’m willing to bet that it will work for you as well.. Because my solution is based on an entirely different basis.

Strategy unlike practice, will not take years of trial and error for you to know how to use it..although it took for me many years of trial and error to learn to understand these strategies..and that’s why it's a powerful thing… Because all my efforts for you will just take understanding and that immediately is going to make you a better juggler, because you will be able to make better choices in practice.
I waited quite a long time and I believe it’s time for an entirely new category of a solution..

A category that I call and is based on “Practice Strategy Training”.

It was challenging and I’m sure that this book will challenge you and your beliefs how practice works as well as it did for me.

But I’m even more confident now than when I decided to create it because through the process of testing and refining it, I took all the bad things out and left only the good stuff in and made it just all power. After I taught the methods to others and refined it into a system, I believe now you can learn and I want to show you what this system.. is all about so you can get the success I've gotten with it.



You may be wondering why I've decided to share these secrets if they're that great (and they are!)...Fair enough. I'll be straightforward and tell you that my intentions are largely self serving.

But maybe just not for the reasons many people would think. As I've shared in my story.. For many years I didn't really think about to share this material with anyone. It served me really well and I was happy with my results,but I will tell you this.

The same drive that putted me to train as hard as I could is the same drive I feel right now with sharing this material..After I got finally respected in the community of artists, all the grief and anger disappeared and something else came to its place...

Even if I never became the best in the world or anything like that..
I knew I reached a lot more then I ever thought possible for myself. 
I knew that even though I am not the best I could figure out how to become the best that I could become..and although the process is still not over I could help others do the same.

There were not too many things that changed literally the acceleration of juggling. Youtube was one of them.. W.J.F. was certainly one of them and I want the same for this training. I want it to become a game changer..That's my goal and if you know me personally, then you know that it's impossible for me to do anything "half-assed".

So my goal was to create what I consider to be the most powerful, in-depth, and comprehensive training on how to create a practice structure for yourself that has ever been created. A system that gives GUARANTEED results.

If you ask me do I want to create a business out of it? Sure why not do the thing for a living that you actually are inspired by and love. I'm currently doing it only part time,but more and more I find myself having a new passion for teaching and it feels like it gives me a hell of a lot more satisfaction to get others to achieve success then I get from simply performing for others.

Besides that..these are stories, secrets, things that could only come from me and my life. They are the cream of the crop of everything I know. I'm proud to give them to you. And I'll be grateful if they not only help you in your progress, but if you become an ambassador and help me spread the word about this message.


So why exactly would the training in this book be different from any other?

It’s the first time that a training program has ever been created SPECIFICALLY to help juggler's improve their practice strategy for their success in progressing. The thing is there’s a big difference between training someone and Coaching someone. Juggling Dvd’s and Naturals train jugglers the way that is obvious for "Naturals", but they don’t coach. Here’s an explanation of what I mean..

The difference between training and coaching is that in training you actually transfer a specific skill-set. You teach specific tricks in a how-to-do way while in coaching you help people discover that skill-set on their own and teach them instead about how they can master the process of learning a skill without the help of a trainer whenever they want.

In coaching you are taught the system of how to figure it out on your own in each situation. Now I want you to teach a system so that you can rely on yourself and apply it in every situation yourself without always having to follow instructions on how to do the things you want to do, without having the need to get it shown over and over again by every different occasion...

So, the training method, the kind that I want to teach you is a coaching based training. I want to teach you how you can teach yourself. The problem is that Naturals only know how to train, they usually don’t know how to coach...(Respect to the exceptions.)

It usually involves skills that they are not conscious of because they never needed to figure out those skills or get it explained the way a Non-Natural would need it. Do you know how to move your hand? You probably don’t know, you’re just able to do it..because you never needed to learn.

The same way they can’t pass on what they are doing most of the time. It takes some knowledge from both sides behind the scenes and the problem is no Natural was ever a Non-Natural and mainly that’s the reason why they can’t explain it or even know about it.

”It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.”
—Richard Feynman


It's known that those who are masters of their skill in whatever field for years tend to have a harder time at teaching that skill and someone who's less skilled ,but learned the skill recently has usually an easier time teaching it in a more understandable way, simply because they have a more recent experience on what it feels like to be a beginner and can more easily place themselves into the beginners point of view.

That’s why most of the explanations on how to juggle might have worked for others who have more inclination to Naturals, who naturally know how to approach and learn what they simply see builded up, because they got their concentration, motivation, 
self-confidence and strategy already figured out, but for us it seems like putting a puzzle together without any picture on it.

While all the Naturals instinctively do know what the picture looks like and that is what enables them to put it together faster...

They can show us what goes where piece by piece and explain the execution of a trick but they never really teach us to see the full picture..meaning how to apply it in the full context of a practice and more importantly.. to structure a practice in the first place.

And why’s that? It’s because Naturals..don’t understand why the Non-Naturals have a problem with that.

The simple reason is that they can’t associate themselves with us. They don’t see past the bad movement and know what’s behind it. 
If you show them and execute a trick a certain way and they see that it’s wrong. They might explain to you what you should do differently with the execution, but you will see they will never be able to explain the mindsets and strategies you should go about.

The reason why we get answers like “you just need to work hard and love the thing you do” if we ask them about how to structure a practice is that they are not aware of the stuff that we don’t see..They know how to handle the external part, but it’s the inner part which makes the strategies which seems obvious for them.

So they naturally assume that it is for you as well.
 It’s not and that’s a problem. When it comes to teaching us the tricks that they can do, they teach them in a way that would make any Natural have enough information to put it to work.

But how could they answer where to put it in our practice session? What should we start with? What should we concentrate on while doing it and how should we go about making it consistent?


It’s about all the questions and frustrations that came out at the 
7-questions survey. When we try endlessly and we don’t progress past a point, we think there’s something wrong with us but it’s not that way. We simply didn’t get the information we needed to understand it and make it work..

We tend to think differently from Naturals and that’s why we make different choices and actions that most of the time are random or badly chosen. We would never even come up with thinking to do things the way Naturals do. In fact, we wouldn’t even see any logic in it.

If somebody told you to arrange your practice the way Naturals arrange it - without explaining the differences why they do it the way they do and without explaining or getting to know their reasons - it wouldn’t make sense to us because it’s not natural to US.

"“If You Ever Want To Achieve Success, Look Around Yourself To See What Everybody Else Does..
And Do Exactly The Opposite”"
-Napoleon Hill

We think that how the majority of people is thinking as right is probably the truth and the right way the same way as we see how the majority of jugglers practice and think that it’s the right and common way to do it.

We get the ideas about how we should approach things from looking at others and imitating them, but if you do what everybody else does you will get what everybody else gets. 
Now most people aren’t as successful as they really would like to be, most of them to speak the truth are not successful..

Only a few are. 
So it would make sense to instead looking and imitating the behaviors that the non-successful’s are doing..
In this case what everybody else thinks is the right way and common way to switch to do things the way that naturals do.


Unfortunately we don’t always have the chance to be surrounded by them, because there are only a few. But even if you watch the things they do occasionally.. Many of the things don’t seem logical and wouldn’t even seem to work.

It’s very counterintuitive..
It means doing the thing that seems like the thing to do isn’t the thing that works. Doing the thing that doesn’t seem to work is often the road to success instead.

”Does history record any case in which the majority was right?”
—Robert Heinlein

And you will find that masters in all fields often do things that are very counterintuitive. Masters can seem to come into a situation and create magic...

It can seem as they are lucky and they are lucky far too often. But it is not luck..When you look at the 80% of what they do, you can say “yeah, I understand that because it’s really intuitive”. You can make sense of that because it’s the obvious thing to do...But it’s the other 20% what’s counterintuitive and the counterintuitive stuff is always there in the very critical moments.

Masters do counterintuitive things..that are not natural to anybody else. Most of the time they are not natural to US.

As it doesn’t make sense to us, we don’t even start to think about it. But the formula to be lucky far too often is to do the 20% of critical counterintuitive things. The “built-in mistakes” that keep us thinking in reverse are the things that hinder us from achieving greatness... When the herd is doing the intuitive to their own disadvantage, and a few know how to do the counterintuitive to their own advantage, there is often a huge gain to be made in form of..becoming "talented".

That's why what you will discover throughout this book is that we need to learn skills that many times fly directly into the face of what we want to do intuitively but these are the things blocking us.

Things that we can’t see, but if sometimes by just shining a little light on them and becoming aware of those things that we do can unlock them and create a path to success.


Usually there are 2 kinds of coaching trainings and till now almost all kinds of suggestion and training methods of how jugglers should practice was based on someone's theory or subjective thinking of what works.

The forums and groups that we go to and try to ask and find answers to our questions usually bring up all kinds of different answers and opinions, the same applies to workshops and conventions.

The main thing that we can see happen is that everybody has a different opinion most of the time, which is subjective and the answer is always from a perspective that works for the individual.

I want to make it clear that this is not one of those trainings. This is not what I think works or what I believe should work. To be honest, these are training methods that I believed won’t work but did. These are things that I tested with others over and over, and which brought results.

This is really important for you to understand. The type of training that I want to teach you is a modeling based training.. Modeling is a term used widely in the NLP community. 
(Neuro Linguistic Programing)

Basically, modeling means finding someone who gets the results you want to get and do what they do. On a deeper level, not just mime their actions but even try to find out what drives them and adept these drivers and belief systems to the actions. In juggling it’s based on what successful jugglers actually do. Modeling is basically a process of capturing, encoding, replicating and transferring knowledge and experience.

Obviously there are jugglers who are better at what they do than others.. So, what my job was is to model the best jugglers and encode what they do and think into specific steps and design ways on how to teach those steps to others. It’s not simply by chance that they got better at what they do.

They did specific steps that even they were unaware of, but if the talent and skill can be captured and decoded into specific steps then the skill is also transferrable.

coaching puzzle

By modeling I could identify a wide variety of things that include mindsets, strategies and attitudes.

I found that there are exact points that if you turn your focus towards and really take them to the next level, that’s where you can get the most leverage, the most of your practice in the fastest way, because these are the points that decide whether you progress fast or progress slowly. I assume we all want to progress fast and it’s not that we are lazy or don’t want to work hard, but we might as well get the most of our practice and everything we can of ourselves without wasting any opportunities that we might have had but just left them unfulfilled.

And that’s the basic model of this training and the things we are going to train ourselves with the help of this book..

If someone is hungry, you don’t give him a fish to rely on you each day. It’s better to teach him how to fish so that he can rely on himself. When I created this system, I came back to the challenges in practice that are common in all jugglers based on the survey in the first place.

The way I wanted to create this book is that it should serve as a practice blueprint based on solving those biggest frustrations jugglers have. ..and the biggest frustration is not knowing how to build up a practice in the first place.

Most of the time when people ask themselves how to achieve the double amount of results, the answer they find is to do the double amount of work than they do. That’s their only strategy, doing more or less of what they are already doing.

Sadly, that’s the most frequent thought they can put into it as there’s no other strategy owing to the lack of information. To our luck, having a good practice is actually not more work than having a bad one and it can be actually way more fun and beneficial if you like to see yourself achieving results. In our specific situation, we need to use other strategies..

We shouldn’t forget that most naturals are at least 5-10 years ahead of us. Most of them started juggling in childhood and had time to figure this stuff out for their own and get the hang of it or being shown by another natural.

I believe - with enough time - we could do the same and work on ourselves really hard and figure out for ourselves what it takes. But usually we don’t have the time to make that extra long learning curve. We don’t have that extra 5,10 or even 15 years and even if we do, it it’s not a guarantee that we will succeed and reach the heights we hoped for after using so much time and energy in our life. We can’t usually afford to have that much free time as well than we had in our childhood.

So, if we want to make the most of it and succeed, instead of practicing extra hard, we had better take the time to learn to model the best of the bests and practice in a smart way...really smart. Practice in a way that could get us ahead in the fastest and most efficient possible way with the least time needed.

Using the perfected methods that naturally successful jugglers use.. A method that could intensify and condense the knowledge of 10 years and give it to you right upfront to work with, so that you don’t have to run as many extra miles as someone would who needs to figure the stuff out for himself.

Practicing smartly rather than hard can give you years ahead of your time than what you would have needed without it and that’s the mission of the book..To give you the most advanced training method and to get you further than you could ever go.

To use it by starting from a place where you already know what the right methods are to perfecting your practice further...

So with that understood, here's the first free sample technique..



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