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2 reviews for FAST JUGGLING SUCCESS – How To Achieve Your Best In Progress / eBook

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    3 months after reading the book, here are my thoughts about FJS which will be among the reviews of some really, really great jugglers.
    So I am one of the standart guys of the juggling world, not bad, neither unmotivated but to be honest…simply mediocre.
    Of course that is not the real satisfaction, as I always wanted to be better than the others which is probably the desire of most of us even though we tend to hide it in order not to sound too embittered and selfish. In some things in life it worked, in others it didn’t. In juggling it didn’t. I always asked myself why I am progressing slower than the others and it was always my dream to get something like a complete tool to this issue. I wanted to know why the other guy juggling for 2 years is becoming better then me did while I needed 5 years.

    Then I saw FJS. The title *it was something with “make more progress in less time” * made me immediatly curious. That was the point of no return, as the description made me dreaming about solving all my problems easily. Honestly, I could have been completly scammed because of those high expectations.
    I bought it the same day. I have never bought something like this before, but I was 100% clear that the whole thing is not just about scamming.
    That’s maybe the main problem why there are still people who have not read the book. It’s the fear of buying in the internet from someone we don’t know at the beginning.
    The book is totally worth the money. My top reasons are:
    -> the book itself will teach you lots of things not only about juggling, but also gives new conceptions about approaching your life in general
    -> it is not simply an ouvre that someone wrote as a comment on the tricks that worked best for him: It’s a stronghold of several years of recherche, interviewing lots of people and involving yourself- telling you what YOUR problems are and how to solve them.
    ->FJS does not end with the book. The really important and awesome thing is the time that Laido is taking to answer your personal questions. He is taking so much time to answer really any question you could think of in great detail. This is the main point where you can see that it’s not about the money but about the conviction.
    -> I just want to support this project! It is cool when someone sacrifices his time for helping the others in such a deep way, and it’s probably the first time in juggling history that this happens in that deep way. With Laido you’ll have an awesome guy doing this innovation for your progress.
    what my negative points are:
    -> the webpage of fjs is sometimes slow and confusing
    -> banking transfer with paypal might be difficult if you are as stupid as me which will probably affect tops 1% of the population 😀

    Conclusion: buy the book! even if you will know some of the ideas, it will help your progress definitly with plenty others.

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